Silver gelatine, 50 x 50cm 
5 + 2AP

In 2014 I worked with Markus Flacks and Sylph Editions on the book Custodians of the Scholar's Way, which recorded a selection of important, and often rare, scholar’s objects from the 17th and 18th century.

I photographed these masterpieces made of precious woods, not to depict the size or markings of the articles but to portray a sense of history behind them. I worked in a studio, with a black and white film in order to show an abstract and timeless portrait of these different objects, each possessing  a story of their own, form a part of the classical Chinese scholar’s studio.

I integrated the history of a brush pot in my photography, by making a double exposure, I showed the perspectives of the brush pot in the same way a Chinese painting would from the 17th century; from above to show the round lip of the pot and below to emphasise the shape. In another photograph I wanted to portray how similar yet different the shape and design of a incense tool vase can be, by placing a few in a row, I moved the vases and made a triple exposure, overlapping their imprint on my negative.