Digital natives are portrayed through a wide variety of media, who have a natural relationship with photography and social media like no other generation before them.

Placed into a photo studio, the teenagers are isolated from their usual environment and are confronted with a large format camera. They are challenged with a new type of media from which they use on a daily basis. The photographs were taken using an analogue large-format camera, which slowed down the work process. The unusual delay in the photographic process and the lack of control made the teenagers, who routinely take selfies, insecure and become impatient. Reconstructed poses are ineffective; uncertainty and vulnerability are revealed, resulting in a completely different portrait of the teenagers. The large silver gelatin prints reflect a different facet of the generation which the videos document the everyday life.



The films of the teenagers visualise the self-assurance in the individuals and their expertise with the mediums film and photography. Luca is portrayed and observed in the short-films, LOL and Airsoft, where references to his identity are displayed in different ways. Luca adapts his behaviour for the purpose of the observer, in LOL he handles a knife with exaggerated confidence, whilst playing a computer game. In the background there is a pornographic depiction of a woman hanging on the wall and a whiskey bottle standing on the windowsill. The film medium serves as a popular form of communication in this generation. In Airsoft, Luca’s way of speaking and technical knowhow, mirrors a style familiar to Youtube videos. Meanwhile, the contrast between the weapons and the childlike bed in the picture is permanently in the foreground. The childhood of which Luca tries to emancipate himself from is interrupted by his mother calling “Schnucki" (“sweetie”)

A further element to this project are small photo albums made from a collection of WhatsApp  profile pictures from the central characters over the last two years. These pictures, mostly self-portraits, are often only visible for a short time before they are updated. The images are considered as a way of observing the development of the juvenile identity over a longer period of time. Profile pictures on various online platforms enable the youths of today to present themselves and to embrace adulthood through attitude, facial expressions and gestures. The books from the individuals differ in size, suggesting how often the profile pictures are updated.