Wo bleibt die Zeit?

Film 60 Minutes


Where does time go? is a 60-minute film that runs in the loop, without determining an end or start. In one-minute sequences, one or two people sit in front of the camera, either in a city environment or at home. The sitters then answer two questions about the subject of time.
The scenes are filmed from a static perspective. It was my intension to present the continuous time through visual indications such as cars, people and the wind blowing trees in the background. The world moves around the person, whilst the time for them seems to stand still during this moment.
I found my subjects in my city and filmed them in and around the city Essen, Germany. In addition, I met people online and asked them about their individual sense of time. People from many different countries gave me answers using Skype and Facetime. My intention was to grasp their understanding of time. It was therefore important for me to ask as many people as possible in my film project, regardless of culture, language or place.
I completed this film during my bachelor's degree in photography at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany with financial support from the culture office in Essen.